Rodent Control
Rats & Mice can have a devastating affect on your health and your business

Rodent Control

London Pest Management provide a professional rodent control, rodent extermination & rodent disposal service for business customers & individuals alike.

Rats & mice are highly adaptable, highly mobile and breed rapidly. This combination makes rodent control a difficult task for the individual with favourite foods including cereal products, they will eat almost anything that humans eat and access to foods by gnawing and ripping open packets and boxes.

Rats & mice will contaminate food with urine and droppings and harbor several serious diseases including salmonella, weil's disease other diseases linked to pest rodents include swine fever and foot-and-mouth disease.

There are three main groups of rodent found in the UK that are regarded as pests.


There are only two species of rat in Britain, the brown rat and the much rarer black rat which is only usually found near ports, there are more than 1.3 rats for every human in the UK and they are carriers of several highly dangerous diseases...


Mice may look like a smaller cuddlier version of the rat, do not let this deceive you - they carry many of the same diseases as the rat and can decimate businesses, inflict terminal disease and cause fires with their constant gnawing...


Of the two species of squirrels in the UK, the Gray Squirrel & the Red Squirrel, only the Gray is now regarded as a pest - the numbers of Red Squirrels have been decimated in recent years and they are now a protected species...

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