Mould & Rot
We offer professional rising damp treatment services to customers throughout the UK.

Rising Damp Treatment

Rising Damp Treatment

London Pest Management provide a professional rising damp treatment service for business customers & individuals, please be aware that nearly all types of rot and mould found in properties are a result of moisture finding its way into timber or brickwfork allowing the fungal growth to establish itself establish. Typical causes are gutter leaks, roofing defects, plumbing leaks etc. Damp, poorly ventilated environments are susceptible to outbreaks of wet rot. Complete Pest Control will identify the cause of any outbreak and treat it before any remedial work can takes place.

Rising Damp

Rising damp is not the most common form of dampness we come across in buildings and occurs when water from the ground rises up through bricks and mortar of a building

The height to which the water rises is dependant on the structure of the bricks and mortar and the rate of evaporation and as such brickwork containing a high proportion of fine pores allows the water to rise higher than a coarse highly pored material.

Treatment of Rising Damp

Treatment of rising damp known as "damp-proofing" or "dampcoursing" typically involves the installation of a chemical damp proof course and uis usually carried out by using specialist injection equipment and inhecting this directly into the brick work.

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