Insect Control
Flying insects can be dangerous to individuals by spreading numerous diseases and adversely affect your businesses.

Flying Insect Control

London Pest Management provide a professional stinging insect extermination & control service for business customers & individuals alike.

Flying insects especially the common fly can be a real pest around the home and have a devestating effect on your business. Some species transmit a wide range of serious diseases including salmonella, dysentery and tuberculosis among others.

There are several groups of flying insect found in the UK found in the UK


There are several species of flies in Great Britain, and as with most flying insects they have little respect on which surface they decide to land on - this can lead to the spread of disease...


Moths, while not presenting a serious risk to health can cause severe damage to carpets, clothes, textiles and fabrics - established moth infestations are likely to require our professional help...

Wasps, Hornets & Bees

There are several species of wasp, bee & hornet commonly found in the UK contact us about our wasp extermination, wasps nest removal and wasp control services...

For more information regarding flying insect extermination & control in Bristol, Birmingham, Oxford, Northampton or anywhere else in the London, Central England or the UK, please contact us for further details of our bug extermination & insect control services.