Insect Control
Biting insects like bedbugs, fleas, ticks & mosquitos harbour disease and can devastate a business.

Biting Insect Control

London Pest Management provide a professional biting insect extermination & control service for business customers & individuals alike.

Warmer winters and summers have led to a boom in biting insects such as mosquitos and fleas - bedbugs in particular have become an increasing pest in hotels and domestic properties with a rise of over 24% since 2010

There are several biting insects found in the UK including


Britain could be on the verge of a "bedbug pandemic", with millions of bugs expected to be transported in the clothing of tourists travelling to the 2012 Olympics...


The three main species of flea found in the UK are the dog flea, the cat flea and the human flea, although not necessarily disease ridden, bites can be uncomfortable...


You are not likely to catch malaria in the UK from a mosquito bite, however, if you live near water this pest can quite quickly turn into a mini plague inflicting painful bites on nearby people...

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